I love my Edify learning classes. I have learned about communication skills
and learning skills. I like doing activities like art and craft painting and
lot of fun. I love everything about edify learning classes

D V Dhiraj Varma.
Class:- III
School :Genesis School

— D V Dhiraj Varma

“ we enjoyed in class and learnt lot of things . Edify learning class is very good”

Suchitra Academy

— C.Avneesh

“ New things I have learnt in communication and learning skills.And also
did craft which was v interesting. Make new friend. I really enjoyed”

Class 5
Sushi tea Academy

— Akshitha

I do not like to miss soft skill classes they are very good.

— sulochana Class 4th

i learnt new things in soft skill classes. All methods and activities are very interesting .I learnt public speaking, writing speeches .Edifylearning classes inspire me to become a good communicator. All the sessions were verey knowledgable.

— Sam Peters class 5th