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Fairy Tales: Boon or Bane
Fairy Tale time is one of the most entertaining times for almost all kids in the world. It is a habit that is continuing from several generations. All kids love to listen to some stories before they sleep. In fact if we try to remember our child hood most of us would have grown up listening to some of the wonderful fairy tales like Cinderella, Goldilocks etc. from our child hood. Kids are at an age where they have no idea about anything that is happening around the world.They know only one thing ‘fun’. The best part of Fairy tales is, it not only give your child fun but also help your child to learn some morals out of it. Fairy tales help children to think out of the box as their imagination capacity increases. Fairy tales take the child into a new world filled with fun and fantasy. Unfortunately not all the children are getting a chance to enjoy the fairy tales. Recent survey says that 25% of parents do not prefer reading fairy tales to their kids because they believe that more than delivering a moral these fairy tales scare their kids and the possibility of learning bad things are more. It is a pity to hear such misconception about fairy tales from some of the parents. It all depends on how the parents read and make their kids understand what to learn from a fairy tale.

Ever fairy tale has both good and bad characters in it. It is very important to make the child understand that the world is not full of good things. There are also bad things involved. Hence a child will understand to differentiate between the good and bad things and how to conquer the bad things. It is always a good practice to teach your kids in a fun filled way.If a parent tries to teach their kids about morals, kids will not like it nor do they try to learn it. Similarly if a parent tries to teach the same moral with a fun filled fairy tale the child will not only listen but also understand and try to implement the morale in his/her life.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”says Albert Einstein. Yes, it is absolutely true. Fairy tales help kids analyze things and help them to relate things that happen in reality. Kids learn ways to reflect and react in a right way to the instances that happen on a daily basis in their life.Fairy tales also help children to manage and balance their emotions. Children will get an introduction of emotions with the help of these tales hence children will be prepared for tough situations in their life and will be able to face them with courage.
However it is always important for a parent to choose the right fairy tale for their kids as per their age. Similarly reading the fairy tale at the right time is very important. Some fairy tales are for bed time and some are to be read at the day time. Fairy tales consisting of lot of fiction in in it is best suitable during day time so that kids won’t get scared. Hence parent is the right judge to decide which fairy tale to be read to his/her child and at what time to be read. Reading lot of stories also help children to be an enthusiastic reader down the lane. Parents can help their kids learn how to dream with the help of fairy tales.After all dreaming is one of the biggest steps for a successful career. Unless kids dream they won’t have a target to achieve something in their life making their life pale. Parents can do wonders to their kids by knowing these basic tips about fairy tales. It is all in the hands of parents to make the fairy tales a boon or bane to their kids. In fact fairy tales are not only intended for kids but adults also gain a lot listening to these fairy tales which will generate a lot of positive vibes and encourage them dreaming high and forget about the past. Hence fairy tales make wonders both for the children and the adults and also help in building a strong relationship between the child and the parent.

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