Kid’s activity

Teaching cooking to children is a great way of letting them understand the importance of eating nutritious food. Cooking is a wonderful skill and children should start the basic of cooking at early stage . This will not only help them in building knowledge, skill but also empowers students to instigate good eating habits. Culinary education naturally cultivate team work and and understanding land , food culture and community When.

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Math Learning Beyond School

Math Learning Beyond School Excel in school and beyond Give your child a strong math foundation with Cuemath. Our math centre is at Moosapet Cuemath is program that helps build strong math foundation in children and they learn to see math not just as a subject to make good scores, but as a life skill that will help them navigate through the ever changing, dynamic world full of ambiguities. At.

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Make cards and gift for occasion

Children's Study Rooms

All of us would have received gifts from our loved ones in our life. We try to gift others just to make them feel special and letting them know that we think and care for them. We can show our unconditional love by gifting to our loved ones. The most beautiful thing about gifting is not about spending loads of money and trying to gift the most expensive ones, it.

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Skills for Kids

Weaving Dreams

we offer few special skills for kids . In today’s world , children future is determined by their ability to master academics and life skills.. our aim is to source learning content for children from anywhere seamlessly. we provide basics of Science math and story videos for kids in the age group of 5years to 10 years. we not only have academic courses but also DIY courses which children can.

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Enhance learning

Moral Teaching

Moral is nothing but the presumptions of people which help them in taking the right decisions in the right time. An individual can be a good human being only if he/she has good moral values or ethics. A person with good values has the knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong and also has the courage to admit his/her mistakes and learn from them. A person with good moral will.

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Health and wellness

General Health Practice

Child development is the only concern of parents and Schools. To acquire holistic development of child – Health Related issues are major concerns

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