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Impact of work-life imbalance of parents on kids

http://kmcmedia.com.md-74.webhostbox.net/kiddo/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/for-blogs-page.pngImpact of work-life imbalance of parents on kids

For working parents the eternal question these days is to how to maintain a proper work-life balance. Most of the times these parents miss out on occasions such as parents-teachers’ meeting of their kids, they don’t get time to chit-chat with their kids and listen to their whims and fancies, they miss out on important celebrations and functions of their kids within school and outside and by the time they realize they have already been gobbled up by the bubble of improper work-life balance.
With no work-life balance at present, their life ends up on a crazy note as they are able to give their kids the best of schooling, best gadgets, best toys, best food and whatever best is possible but they are not able to give him/her the best gift of all- TIME.
Every child experiences one or more of the following when their parents don’t spend enough time with them:
1) Behavioral problems- The feelings that are bundled up are expressed through frantic and nagging behavior and conversations with peers
2) Social withdrawal- They start staying in isolation, don’t mingle with other children of their age, suffer from frequent mood swings
3) Feels ignored and neglected- With no significant ones around the child feels ignored and neglected
4) Psychiatric problem- In worst cases, the child gets depressed and experiences psychiatric problems
Yes, at a tender and a growing age all that the child needs is parents’ attention and time but with the super-busy lives that these parents have they give their kids everything possible in this world but time.
A child is a bundle of questions when they are growing and it is often the informal teachings that gets imparted to them through answering these questions that gradually forms a part of their behavioral aspects most of the times. When parents don’t spend enough time with their child they don’t get a chance to express their wild imaginations, cranky thoughts and naughty ideas. So, a lot of those questions and thoughts stay unanswered or are answered by the not so significant individuals in their life. It leaves them with an indelible impression of their parents as just caretakers. The result is they are never able to form a close-knit and understanding relationship or bonding with their child and chaos exists in such a place.
A child feels the lacuna in the relationship and though they are not clearly able to express the resentment but it comes out through their abnormal behavior at school and home.
So, the need of the hour today is for these parents to understand the fact that time is an irreplaceable component in a child’s life and when you don’t spend enough or more importantly quality time with them they will feel neglected as children only know they are loved by the amount of quality time their parents spend with them. As a parent you may feel compelled to work so that you can provide your children with all the opportunities they want but what children really want is your time. So, go ahead be the best friend of your child, create time for your children even if it has to be by saying no to being on another committee, for no child will say that they wish their parents hadn’t spent so much time with them. For it’s a universal truth that for all the time spent together, your children (and you) will simply thank you for it.

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