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Every child learns differently

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     A friendly teacher
A healthy relationship between a student and a teacher requires lot of caring, understanding and patience. Hence a teacher has all the capabilities of being a friend to the student after his /her parents.Especially young students expect a teacher to be friendly with them so that they can feel at home. However teachers should set boundaries to the students and make them clear about their relationship. Teacher should also be careful of being over friendly. Teacher should make sure that his/her friendly nature is not taken as an advantage by the students and her orders are carried out with great respect. Teacher should take enough care that the student is not confused between a teacher friend and friendly teacher. More than a friend a teacher should be a guide and a mentor to a student in a friendly manner. The friendly nature of the teacher helps the students to be more comfortable leading to exchanging ideas and inventing solutions for many problems.
The friendliness of the teacher is very helpful for students at different stages of their lives. For example consider a child entering pre-school;the child will be going to the school for the first time all alone leaving their parents. It is a very nervous and the most difficult phase for both the kids and the parents. Hence it is the responsibility of the teacher to create the comfort zone for the kids and creating confidence in parents is equally important. This can be carried out with ease by a friendly nature of the teacher. Once the kids start feeling comfortable with their teacher then they consider their teacher as the next support to lean on after their parents.
Consider a child going to the primary school. Kids of this age are in a growing stage and are trying to adapt to the outside world. They come out of their house with lot of emotions in them and these emotions are highly influenced by their surroundings in the school, class and most importantly by the teacher. This is the age where the students try to communicate socially, handle emotions etc. Teacher plays an important role in developing these skills in the kids and a friendly teacher will be more capable in doing it and succeeding than a teacher with a non-friendly nature.
Once kids enter into the secondary education which is nothing but the teenage not many people get the power to interfere or help them in decision making. However a teacher has that great power after parents to help and take decisions for their students. They can also be responsible in figuring out the students credits and help them choose the choice of career and the university to pursue their education. Teens try to carry a lot of individuality and hence it is difficult for anyone to make them understand what isright and wrong for them. However teacher with her friendly nature help the students to build a strong bond between them making the students to approach the teacher for any problem with a positive mind allowing the teacher to guide them.
Hence each teacher will have different types of students and circumstances to handle and being friendly helps the teacher to handle most of the things with great ease and will be successful in his/her career. At the same time teacher should be conscious enough about her friendly nature and setting boundaries with the students. Avoiding physical contact with the students, personally gifting to a particular student, one on one meeting outside the classroom or in public, personal messages or emails, sharing personal information which is not useful to the students etc. help the teacher in following the right path in being friendly with the student.

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