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Kanchan has very rich and diverse industry experience of 25 in Sales, Marketing, Corp Planning, Advertising, Media Relations, and Training. She has a natural flair for business and therefore has be instrumental in build few diverse business in Training, Software, Sales Management and Product Selling. Kanchan is the inspiration and founding member of two Companies. One of the company is called “AltAnalyze” which is a software product provider and specialize.



stories for learning -must for learning -must

Fairy Tales: Boon or Bane Fairy Tale time is one of the most entertaining times for almost all kids in the world. It is a habit that is continuing from several generations. All kids love to listen to some stories before they sleep. In fact if we try to remember our child hood most of us would have grown up listening to some of the wonderful fairy tales like Cinderella,.

Every child learns differently child learns differently

     A friendly teacher A healthy relationship between a student and a teacher requires lot of caring, understanding and patience. Hence a teacher has all the capabilities of being a friend to the student after his /her parents.Especially young students expect a teacher to be friendly with them so that they can feel at home. However teachers should set boundaries to the students and make them clear about their.

Attitude and Behavior and Behavior

As kids grow up parents should also start getting ready to face the changes in attitude and behavior in their kids. Most of the children especially when they enter into their teensstart developing a “don’t care” attitude. Some might not even be responsible about their daily chores which make parents frustrated, angry tensed and worrying about theirkids future. Parents try to find out different ways in changing their kid’s attitude.

Impact of work-life imbalance of parents on kids of work-life imbalance of parents on kids

For working parents the eternal question these days is to how to maintain a proper work-life balance. Most of the times these parents miss out on occasions such as parents-teachers’ meeting of their kids, they don’t get time to chit-chat with their kids and listen to their whims and fancies, they miss out on important celebrations and functions of their kids within school and outside and by the time they.

Life balance for working Parents balance for working Parents

In today’s world everyone is super-ambitious. Everyone wants to reach the pinnacle of their career, carve out a name for themselves and develop their unique identity. If one takes a look at the current scenario, most families have both the mother and father working the true corporate style. This means endless business meetings, social get-togethers, and never ending workload and so all their time goes into thinking about office even.

Hello world. This my website!

Hello world. This my website!