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Attitude and Behavior

http://edifylearning-primary.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/attitude-and-behaviour-300x1991.jpghttp://edifylearning-primary.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/attitude-and-behaviour-300x1991.jpgAttitude and Behavior

As kids grow up parents should also start getting ready to face the changes in attitude and behavior in their kids. Most of the children especially when they enter into their teensstart developing a “don’t care” attitude. Some might not even be responsible about their daily chores which make parents frustrated, angry tensed and worrying about theirkids future. Parents try to find out different ways in changing their kid’s attitude and behavior.This is the age where teens try to find their identity and start giving much importance to friends than family.Parents have a hard time in taking such behavior from teens.The current generation teens has a lot of access to technology which help them get every information they want in the world which is making them more independent and parents keep worrying if they are in the right path.Also most of the teenagers try to spend their maximum time texting and calling on mobile phones as they feel that getting in constant touch with their friends is the most important part. This is a situation which needs to be dealt strategically. If parents say a direct “no” to their kids in usage of mobile phone the chances of they hiding from their parents and using it are high. Instead parents can try limiting the usage of mobile phone of their kids by setting some rules like no mobile during family time etc. might help to some extent.
They might also start hanging out with friends late night and reach home very late. Parents start getting upset if they are hanging out with the right set of group. Parents might observe a lot of change in their dressing sense. No wonder they might also reach home one day with their body tattooed or pierced. They are in such an age that the chances of bunking school and trying to hang out with friends are more. Slowly the chances of they adapting to habits like drinking, smoking and drugs also increase. It need lot of tactics to handle such behavior and attitude of kids otherwise there is a chance of kids misunderstanding parents and there is a risk that kids stop sharing anything with parents.The first and the foremost thing parents should understand is that their kids entered into a completely new phase called “teenage” and the change in their behavior and attitude is quite common. It is better to stay calm rather than getting worried and in turn let the kids know that parents are there for them under any circumstances which will make make them feel better and help to build a strong bond called “trust” which is one of the important aspects for a healthy relationship between the parent and the child. Once kids start trusting their parents they will start sharing with them where half of the problem is solved.
Some other behavioral problems at this age include kids frequently telling lies as they don’t want to get wedged in doing something wrong. Most of the times kids also have an explanationabout their lies by putting the liability on the parents saying that they are scared of the parent’sreaction.Kids at this age live in the world of fantasy and slowly get away from reality. If parents try to force kids in adapting their behavior or try to spend loads of timein explaining about the right behavior and attitude of kids its nothing but just wasting time. Kids of this age hardly learn anything from lectures and they carry an attitude of saying “no” to their parents. They are in a feeling that whatever they do is right and parents are always there to obstruct them. The more the parents try to teach their kids the more they get away from them. If Parents can give a break before reacting to a kid’s action the chances of kids realizing themselves of what they have done might increase hence solving the problem.
Bad behavior at school is one of the toughest challenges faced by parents as they cannot be available at school to spectate the problems and by the time parents realize their behavior at school it could be too late to handle.As kids completely enter into a new world “Teenage” they try to adapt to lot of changes that are happening around them and parents might also face a time where there is a change in their kids moods and emotions which they couldn’t control. There might be a serious problem behind this and need an immediate attention to such kind of behavior This is the age where kids have lot of questions running in their mind about sex and try to find out various sources to find information about it. This can also make kids do something risky or something that they should not do at their age. Hence a parent educating their kids about sex in the right way is very important because nipping it in the bud is easier than handling it later. Also the rate of suicides at this age is high when compared to any other age because they won’t reach the stage yet to know the reason and importance of their lives.
Kids at this age are partially matured and hence do not understand the consequences of their behavior until they face the consequences practically. Tackling such kids, parents definitely need a professional help so that they can handle their kinds more efficiently and help them get their kids the right behavior and attitude which help them face the world assertively.

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