Teaching cooking to children is a great way of letting them understand the importance of eating nutritious food. Cooking is a wonderful skill and children should start the basic of cooking at early stage . This will not only help them in building knowledge, skill but also empowers students to instigate good eating habits.
Culinary education naturally cultivate team work and and understanding land , food culture and community
When children are involved in hands on training and get involved in digging, picking, mixing and copping( with the help) ,sitting together and sharing meals -The impact is far reaching and multiply-faceted.
Kids and recreate the dishes at home wit confidence
We conduct one day session and we provide box module which comprises
1.All ingredients which are required
2. Tools and utensils
3. Lesson plans and step by step
4. Recipe cards
5. Hands on experience & lot of fun
Our cooking sessions for kids starts from age 2 year till 12 years
We offer cooking modules according to the age and interest of the kids
For more info please drop a mail at and mention “kitchen Art “in subject line

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