Skill development

Skill development is an important part of Child’s development and it should be dealt with importance and an essential part of academics.  In the present context of globalization, the demand for skilled and multi skilled workers has increased. Therefore in the context of developing countries, such as India, there is a critical need for quality skill development and training.

Benefits for the Students

The development of life skills helps students to:

Find new ways of thinking and problem solving

Recognize the impact of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others

Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation

Analyse options, make decisions and understand why they make certain choices outside the classroom

Develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others

At school level, there must be options available for skill development courses and they must be provided in the secondary stage of schooling. The pedagogy has to be practical; learning can be enhanced through field visits, e-learning, industry driven projects, digital or video inputs and so on

Integration of skill development and education is essential for for children to take wings. Skill development will remain a dream if carried out in isolation through centers alone. It has to be imparted in schools alongside academics

Introduction to skill training at a young age will by all means give the student an opportunity to explore various options and accordingly, narrow down on a vocation of his/her liking.

Keeping this in consideration we have designed following training especially for the students from class one to class five. Few of them are being mentioned below

Communication Skills
Listening Skills
Time Management
IT skills
Managing Attitude
Vedic Maths
Self Management
Team Work

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