We conduct following certificate training’s

Radio Broadcasting
Classical Animation
Paper craft
Bharatnatyam dance
Kuchipudi dance
Glass painting
Decorating vase
Cross stitch
Occasional art ( festivals, occasions in family) Gardening Paper quilling Origami Greeting card making Calligraphy Scrap book envelops Decopauge Kid in kitchen recipe for kids Robotics Clay model
Storytelling sessions

We also conduct training in Creative Skills

Art projects often require kids to use their fine motor skills to complete tasks. Holding a narrow paint brush, cutting with scissors and sculpting clay are a few examples of art activities that use fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. By participating in art projects, the kids get a chance to practice those skills without being judged on the outcome.
Main Advantage of Art and craft is to develop following these personality traits in students
Creativity Concentration Self Expression Risk Taking
Confidence building Team Work How to do Spirit
In our sessions we take craft subject related to festivals, pattern, people drawings, colors and implications, drawing with pencils,understanding of vanishing in paintings, making objects, making of flowers, heart and other shapes, understanding of our body , tissue paper craft, color theory, making a portraits, knitting,making products and much more
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