Story telling is a age old tradition of narration. It has far reaching effect on the humanity. Even we find cave paintings in caves depicting stories of that era. And not only in India but all over the was the primary form of family entertainment before the television . it is mastered by competent politicians and journalists, and it remains as one of the most effective ways to reach someone and move them with the message wanted to be delivered.
Stories can be used to shape vision, to pass on knowledge and wisdom, and to shape identity and organizational culture. Storytelling is regarded as one of the most effective and influential techniques, and has been documented extensively in numerous fields.
Stories can thus be organizational – capturing history, culture, wisdom, etc.- or they can be leadership tools. For the latter, it is used by the leader to achieve a desired effect.

• Be clear on why you are telling it
• Keep it simple and accessible
• Try using more than one medium
• Monitor how the story is received
• Hone your story-listening skills

Storytelling workshop Train yourself as Storyteller Stories and share
Health Beginner Course write stories and share
Moral Present on net 94
Cultural Listening skills Present on Podcast
Compassionat Communication Skills
Chitra Katha Voice modulation
Historical Quality of Content
Cultural Body LAnguage
Folk Sign Language
Magical Stories and expression
Fairy tales Selection of Stories
Stories around the world Creating/ Atmosphere/story
Stories around the world Presentation
Bravery Creating your own stories
Sacrifice Present your Stories
Love For more course …..

Story teller


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