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We are into training’s and creative aspect of child’s development. Edify learning- primary is the extended wing of edify learning which offers training’s in high schools and colleges.Edify learning and edify learning-primary is a group company of AKULMACH Technologies. Apart of education and training, AKULMACH also offers consulting and IT services . For teachers and trainers we have a e- platform – findme-a-teacher, to offer training, coaching on any subject. With numerous changes in culture and lifestyle, many young people are not sufficiently equipped with life skills to help them deal with the increased demands and stresses they experience. They seem to lack the support required to acquire and reinforce life skills. It may be that traditional mechanisms for passing on life skills (e.g. family and cultural factors) are no longer adequate considering the influences that shape young people’s development.


Edify Learning offers soft skills and recreational activities to children which help in developing their cognitive, social and communication and motor skills. Soft skills include modules like developing self confidence, empathising with others, setting efficient goals, managing time efficiently, building rapport with others, solving problems creatively, communicating effectively, making sound decisions, coping with setbacks etc. whereas recreational skills include skills like painting, crafts etc. We have a eLearning options are also available for enrich development of children. We believe in overall development of a child ,by offering class training in Radio Broadcasting and Animation along with hands on training with radio channels and animation studios.

It is the combination of these two that leads to holistic development of the child.Teaching Methodology

The method used in teaching this program builds upon the social learning theory and on what we know of how young people learn from their environment; from observing how others behave and what consequences arise from behaviour.

It involves the process of Participatory learning using 4 basic components:
1. Practical activities
2. Feedback and reflections
3. Consolidation and reinforcement
4. Practical application to day to day life challenges

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