5 Great Activities for Kids

“ At EdifyLearning we believe in making children doing activities by themselves thus making them more aware, confident and self reliant
We have carved the courses keeping in mind the learning stages and process of learning of growing children

Children at Edifylearning can engage in many activities

Softskill development
         Art and craft
Radio Broadcasting
Basics of Animation and film making
Cuemath- math Learning beyond school
Storytelling for kids
Crafty Splash- e-commerce site for kids
Become a storyteller-for adults
Kitchen Art for kids
Skills for kids- counselling to kids for the problems they face day to day & skill development
Enhancing learning- day to day learning about the the surrounding of growing up kids – is about earth , animals ,space and many more….
Health and wellness- we organise workshops and seminars and invite doctors, where parents can discuss health issues of their children with doctors

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