Teaching is not just a profession. An individual with service oriented thoughts can better serve this profession. A teacher should be prepared to sacrifice herself for the students. She should be the role model for the students. Hence it is not an easy job for any individual to become a teacher. A true teacher is not just to give knowledge to the student but should be capable enough in creating the lust to know. A teacher’s success is judged by a student’s success. Below are few things and tips for every teacher to become an inspiration for the students.


Responsible way is what makes a parent successful. These days parents get a lot of help from the media and internet about guidelines to raise the kids. Our older generation hardly had any such facilities yet they were able to raise their kids in a healthy way. Yes, internet is a boon to help the parents in raising the kids but please remember every child is unique and whatever suggestions the parent is trying to follow might or might not suit the kid but the parent should have the capacity to manipulate these suggestions which best suits for their kid.

I love my Edify learning classes. I have learned about communication skills and learning skills. I like doing activities like art and craft painting and lot of fun. I love everything about edify learning classes D V Dhiraj Varma. Class:- III School :Genesis School Hyderabad

− D V Dhiraj Varma

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